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The Black Arcs are a predictive analytics impact venture that show how civic issues are connected. From the 1400s through the Victorian era, the art of typesetting was termed the black art in reference to the ink-covered printers. The printing press advanced art, culture, and science by providing widespread access to the written word. The Black Arcs’ mission is to foster systems thinking through widespread access to meaningful and engaging predictive analytics.


Our technology is designed from the ground up to blur the line between professional analysis and entertainment. Our technology lets you visualize possibilities and test-drive how decisions shape our cities. We operate under an accordion model, with a small core team that tackles key objectives through projects employing pertinent domain experts, academics, and vendors.

  • Jake Arsenault

    Jake Arsenault is a serial high-tech entrepreneur. He has a PhD in engineering from the University of New Brunswick (UNB). Before starting The Black Arcs, he founded Inversa Systems, a pioneer of gamma-ray imaging for infrastructure based on his PhD research. He supports start-ups by mentoring early stage ventures, and is Entrepreneur-in-Residence at both the University of New Brunswick and the Atlantic Ballet. He is also on the board of Springboard, Atlantic Canada’s commercialization and industry liaison network.

    Jake brings a strong aptitude in both new technology creation and customer-centric design. Jake is focussed on customer engagement, product management, and branding.

  • Dane Sheppard
    Director of Technology

    Dane Sheppard is a meticulous, technically-minded, results-oriented individual with a passion for science, problem solving, and the pursuit of knowledge. As a strong believer in the value of persistence and tenacity in the pursuit of any goal, Dane approaches problems with the mindset that nearly everything is solvable with the right perspective.

    Prior to joining The Black Arcs, Dane served as the technical lead at the Applied Nanolab plasma reactor project at the University of New Brunswick. Dane has a Bachelor’s of Science from Memorial University and a Master’s of Science in Engineering from the University of New Brunswick. He is responsible for product development and long-term technology strategy.

  • Luke Robertson
    Director of Operations

    Luke Robertson likes passionate people. He helped grow dozens of startups as Operations Coordinator for two accelerator programs housed at the University of New Brunswick, and has been involved with municipal and provincial electoral campaigns across New Brunswick. He has worked with not-for-profits to advance tourism and sport, and lobbied for improvements to the post-secondary education system in New Brunswick and on Parliament Hill.

    Luke enjoys the challenge of a complex problem, especially when working with limited resources. He works in a straightforward, organized process. At the Black Arcs, Luke oversees operations.


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