Visualize Possibilities

The Black Arcs are a civic technology company allowing you to explore tradeoffs being made around the land-use in your community. We show the interconnections of civic issues. Our cloud-based scenario tools allow citizens and policy makers to visualize possibilities and test-drive different strategies around planning decisions that shape our neighborhoods and our lifestyles.

  • Jake Arsenault

    Jake likes to create and then "see things happen". At heart, he really just wants to "disrupt" something. He has had past experience with innovation: creating something new and unique to the world that is of value, then seeing it adopted. This is addictive and has pointed him towards tackling a personally more meaningful "disruption". He has a long term interest in perfecting innovation as a craft.

  • Dane Sheppard
    Director of Technology

    Dane has a passion for solving problems. His solutions come from a background in science and engineering coupled with a certain degree of methodical tenacity. He views the world of innovation as a reliable source of delicious, intractable problems in need of solutions, all in pursuit of making the world a better place. Dane is the lead product development engineer for The Black Arcs.



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