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The first transit simulator built as a web-based video game. Anyone can really explore the dynamics, impact, and tradeoffs of transit for a better discussion.

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The Black Arcs (TBA) are a civic technology company allowing you to explore tradeoffs being made around the land-use in your community. We show the interconnections of civic issues. Our cloud-based scenario tools allow citizens and policy makers to visualize possibilities and test-drive different strategies around planning decisions that shape our neighborhoods and our lifestyles.

Jake Arsenault

Jake Arsenault  |  Chief Executive Officer

Jake likes to create and then "see things happen”. At heart, he really just wants to “disrupt” something. He has had past experience with innovation: creating something new and unique to the world that is of value, then seeing it adopted. This is addictive and has pointed him towards tackling a personally more meaningful “disruption”. He has a long term interest in perfecting innovation as a craft.


Lori Clair

Lori Clair  |  Chief Operating Officer

Lori is interested in understanding how day to day community decisions affect our most underserved citizens. Her previous life was in International Development and University Administration. Her new life in social entrepreneurship and civic technology allows for the application of very cool technologies as a force for good.

lori@blackarcs.org  |  @loriclari


We convert scientific knowhow to the practical. We specialize in working with researchers to commercialize their understanding into the public sphere to help solve real world problems. For specific big problems, we provide end-to-end management services to collaborate with academia, municipalities and various stakeholders, to fully built and tested solutions. We make civic innovation easy. For more information email us at info@blackarcs.org.

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